Still no snow

Boo hoo! It's now raining and all our snow if melting fast. Not like we had much anyway. I can't quite believe we are going to have a snowless Christmas. Can you believe it? I can't. I live in Canada for goodness sakes, in the mountains no less! I want to put in a complaint to Mother Nature. It's just not right.
So that was my whine for the day now on to something else. How about I ask you if you have all your shopping done? LOL! I can see your face and you want to smack me, I know it! You are rushing around trying to get it all done and I am sitting here all smug laughing at you. It's not like you don't know when Christmas is coming. It comes once a year on the same date. You could plan in advance and work to get it all done so you can actually enjoy a bit of the time and not get all stressed out and cranky. But I see that the stress and rush is part of the fun for you so I'll be quiet now. Some people just aren't having fun if they aren't, if you know what I mean.
I'm attempting to teach my daughter to knit even though I barely know how. I made a couple of sweaters some 20 years ago and they turned out okay so I figure I could teach her. The problem is I thought it would be easy. She can't seem to grasp the basics. I pretty much have to sit next to her and walk her through each step and as soon as I don't she's messed up. So we put the knitting away for now cause I have no patience for it. I'm sure she'll learn if she wants to but for now I'm done teaching her. I think I'll look for someone who knows how to knit better than me to teach her. I could use a lesson too while we're at it.
Now I'm off to have an apple cider and enjoy a movie or something on tv since the kids are in bed.


Kate said…
The snow over here made the underground complete chaos and I fell over twice - it is over-rated!

Kate xx
Karen Sue said…
Some of the YouTube videos are pretty good, I think. I use the idiot's guide to knitting and crocheting book for myself. I sometimes find help by asking around my church, the library, or some other groups. I learned in 4-H as a kid and then picked it up again a couple of years ago when I found some needles, bought a skein of yarn and made a scarf...quite a few scarves...
Sparkless said…
Kate I saw in the news the big trouble all that snow is bringing you over there. I hope you see the end of it soon.
Karen Sue I can knit and pearl and know how to cast on and that is about it. I hold the needles in a weird way and want to learn a better way to hold them so I don't have to let go of the one needle which usually leads to it almost falling out of the stitckes and then much cussing and fuss. I never thought about YouTube, thanks for telling me that. I should know that cause my husband has been using YouTube to teach him new guitar songs.
Sparkless said…
That word should be "stitches" sheesh I really should proof read before I post

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