Please Mr. Weatherman

Oh curses!!! Our lovely snow is supposed to turn into rain. Who wants slushy snow for Christmas? Not me that's who! There is nothing worse than slushy snow. I've got my fingers crossed that the weather reports are wrong and we'll continue to get snow and the rain stays away.

Last night as I was laying in bed I was composing my song called "Making Memories". Of course I didn't write it down but here's what I remember of it.

The ground is iced white
Icicles sparkle from the eves
It's time, time, time time
For making memories

Fires crackle in the grate
Snow drifts are shoveled
Presents are wrapped
Cause it's time, time, time
For making memories

A special feeling is in the air
Magic and wonder grow

Sorry that's as far as I got before I drifted off. I'll finish it up when I have some time and post the finished version.


Capital Mom said…
Love it!
MarmiteToasty said…
Brill :)

Karen Sue said…
I think at your 40th birthday, you should be issued a notepad know like those nice passport holders that go around your neck. And they can hold a pad, a pen, a pencil and have space for an optional recording case you are sleeping when you have a great idea. I have forgotten at least 3 things is the last 2 days while looking for the pen to write it..
I'll send you a little snow, but you won't get a snowday out of what I have today.
Sparkless said…
Thanks Capital Mom. Marmite what's Brill, something good I hope.
Karen Sue, I have lots of pens and paper everywhere but it's always when I'm laying in bed just before I go to sleep that I have ideas. I never write them down and you are right that I should.
Can you believe my kids have never had a snow day off school? Poor things. Global warming sucks!

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