The Christmas rush is on and I haven't got as much baking done as I hoped to by now. Oh well I don't really need to eat all that junk anyway. I remember when the kids were little and I never got to sleep for over a year due to my baby crying and not sleeping. I was so tired that I didn't bake anything at all and I'm surprised that presents were bought, wrapped and a tree was put up that year.
Now I'm not struggling with lack of sleep but total lack of energy. Coffee only perks me up for a bit and then I have a huge crash. If I'm watching tv when the crash comes I'll actually nod off!! Now that makes me feel like a really old person falling asleep in my chair. UG! I'm way too young to act that old.
So I'm looking into some type of a fitness regime. I don't want any pieces of large expensive equipment in my living room that I don't use though. I want something that is compact, inexpensive and I'll actually use. I guess that will have to be my two fat legs. If I got up off my rear and took a walk that should work.
So tonight I'll bundle up and take a 30 min walk in the freezing cold. I should burn even more fat off because of the extreme cold. LOL!
Then there is the diet thing. I have to improve my eating habits. I need to keep my energy levels up throughout the day. So I'm going to start with breakfast and eat protein at breakfast from now on. Tomorrow it's eggs, fruit and toast. I have to have carbs, I'd go insane without them and I always think moderation is the key to everything so no weird diets for me.
This is turning out to sound like a New Years resolution and it's not. I never follow through on those, ever. I just need some more zip and so far haven't been able to stick with anything that helps me out. Sleep calls to me 24 hours a day and I could stay in bed forever if I don't make myself get up. Right now I'm fighting trying to stay awake. I could have a long nap if I let myself.
Tomorrow I plan to do some more purging of the house. We have entirely too much crap in this small house. I keep thinking we might need our use stuff but of course we rarely do. The bathroom is due and tomorrow it's getting the purge of a lifetime. All those creams and cleansers that I think I'll use but don't like I'm tossing. Not very environmental but I won't be buying anymore and I'll ask people not to buy me any more creams and facial products cause I just don't use them.
My face breaks out at the sight of any kind of face cream and always has. I have probably spent a million dollars over the years buying all sorts of face creams. The conclusion I've come to is face cream is not necessary. It doesn't matter if it's "all natural" or "full of antioxidants" it just makes my skin break out. Even the most expensive creams and lotions do the same thing.
Sun screen does the same thing so I just try to stay out of the sun as much as possible. I do use sun screen on the rest of my body but not my face. I'm not ever going to win any beauty contests so a few wrinkles won't kill me.
So this was a pretty useless post. Nothing at all interesting or amusing to say today. But then I never said I would be interesting or amusing so there! What do you suppose the letters of the title of this post stand for? Hmmm I wonder.


missykimmy said…
Haii, I'm back on blogger! So sorry if you thought I gave up on your blog or something. I need to catch up with your posts but tonight, I'm just commenting to say: you've won an award! From me! Check out my latest post, you'll see it.

I hope you're well and that your neighbours didn't turn out as bad as you thought they were. I guess I'll have to read your updates during my 'absence' to find out.

Don't forget, you've won an award!

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