New Years Resolutions

New Years Eve looms. It's a time to take stock and look back over the past year. Time to decide what you want to do with the brand new year. Already I'm sick of hearing about all the things I'm supposed to want or do. I'm supposed to want to eat well, exercise and be healthy. I'm supposed to want a simpler life where I take time to enjoy every moment. I'm supposed to help my loved ones and others. I'm supposed to want to work for the environment to help stop the destruction. The list is endless and one thing is no more important or valid than the next. What happens to me is I become overwhelmed by all the people telling me they know what the right way to live a life is.

I want to hear someone say it's okay to live a life where you eat what you want, don't exercise much. I want to hear that what I'm doing is good enough, I don't need to work on anything because I'm perfect just the way I am.

Who wouldn't want to hear that? I want to feel that sense of perfection and be able to block out all the other squawkers trying to get me to believe what they believe and follow them. I want what I do to be the "right thing to do." I want to not constantly strive for some unrealistic and unreachable image for my body, face and behavior.

I know I'm far from perfect and could use some improvement, heck I could use a lot of improvement but just for once I want to feel peace. Peace with myself and my life. I don't want someone else telling me how to get that peace I just want to feel it. I don't want to have to strive for it, I just want it to be there.

So that is my unrealistic goal for the new year, peace from feeling not good enough. Oh, and peace from all those people telling me what I should be doing, wanting and loving. I have my own brain, thank you very much, and it works pretty good most days so I don't need anyone else telling me how to do better or be better.


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