Nearly naked

Yesterday I went out to shop for a new blouse. Just something I can wear at Christmas, nothing fancy. I found many blouses that didn't fit. But the most puzzling thing I found was that most of these blouses were see through. Like when you hold the material up to the light you can actually see through it although it's not a mesh or supposed to be that sheer. I could actually make out my husbands features when I held up this one blouse.
There were of course a ton of blouses that were sheer and had a cammy underneath them. I get that these are supposed to be see through a bit. It's the other fabric that gets me. Who buys blouses so thin and see through that the fabric is almost like a sheer? It's not a fashion statement.
I have another problem with these blouses too, it's winter! I'd freeze if I wore any of these blouses even inside the house. They look like something I'd wear in summer not winter other than the darker colors. Sheesh!
So a heads up to all you designers out there. For goodness sakes if you are selling blouses to places that have an actual winter with snow and all, please make those blouses out of fabric that you can't see day light through. Thanks.


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