Less Stuff, More Time

I've been so busy reading all the wonderful blogs I'm following and what they are up to that I've kinda lagged at writing anything in my own blog. So here's a summary of what I've done in the last few days. We got the tree up and decorated. Finished up the shopping. I still want to bake a few more things but if I don't we won't die.
We still have no snow and it's really cold out there. I want some snow for Christmas dang it!
I've spent the entire weekend chauffeuring the kids around and haven't had more than 2 minutes to do anything I enjoy. I don't think I like being a single parent every weekend, it sucks.
I have a couple of presents left to wrap and we are pretty much done. I just wish I had some fun party or event to go to. I'm pretty much on my own most days and alone with the kids when they are off school. The husband is working as much as possible but that kind of defeats the whole idea in my view. We could do with less stuff and more of his time but he doesn't get that.
Maybe one day he'll wake up and realize that he missed a bunch of stuff and regrets it. I know we don't remember many of the gifts we get each year so they can't be very important but the time we spend with our loved ones and the memories made last forever. Making memories should be a title to a song. I'm going to write it and sing it every Christmas. I'll post the words tomorrow.


Capital Mom said…
I would gladly send you some of our snow!
Sparkless said…
Yes, please do! I wish you could.
Kate said…
You can have my snow - it is snowing in London and my heating isn't working!
Karen Sue said…
Maybe your making memories song should have something about the pictures your not in, 'cuz you were gone when we were making memories...
I hear you honey. I think about what could be different if we'd do without and we wouldn't miss a lot of it.
Sparkless said…
Kate I hope your heat is working now!
Karen Sue great idea I'm going to put how he's missing out and we are making memories.

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