It's Christmas Eve!

I actually like Christmas eve better than Christmas day. Christmas eve is fun cause of all the excitement and waiting while Christmas day is the end of anticipation. Christmas eve still has possibilities like you can still rush to the store to pick up one more thing but by Christmas day it's done and the stores are closed.

It's 1:18am and I can't sleep. I had to take a nap this afternoon because of my headache so now I can't sleep. Stupid headache!

Husband and I were talking about meals for tomorrow and the big day. He never wants to make anything special. He just goes about with no planning or thought to everything in his life. Drives me nuts cause I'm a planner. I got him to commit to Christmas eve supper and Christmas day brunch but even that was a compromise. He doesn't see the fun in having something special or doing anything out of the ordinary. I don't think I've ever met such a boring person and I'm still in amazement that I actually married him. Some days I wonder what I was thinking and then other days I see his good point, he does have a few.

We are having spaghetti for Christmas eve supper mostly because we have some sauce in the freezer. Brunch on Christmas day will be hash browns, eggs and bacon. It's difficult to come up with a meal that our daughter will eat because she is the pickiest eater on the planet. She won't eat eggs but she'll enjoy the hash browns, and bacon. The rest of us will have some fruit too but no fruit passes her lips unless it's a juice or mashed into a baked good with chocolate chips. The Dr. said she would get over her fruit aversion because what kid doesn't like fruit? I'm still waiting almost 12 years later. Dr's do not know everything.

Christmas supper is at my parents house and we are bringing salad and yams. I'm still looking for a good yam recipe but most likely I'll just boil and mash them cause I'm a horrible cook. The salad is one of those premade ones so I don't have to do a thing although I should probably add a bit to the salad like tomatoes or something.

Presents are wrapped and the kids are so exciting because tomorrow after lunch they can open one present. They usually open the present that they give to each other. Hopefully it will keep them busy for most of the afternoon cause I know they are going to be very excited. We have put a time they can get up Christmas morning of 7am. They can't get up except to go pee before 7am. That way at least the husband and I can get some sleep and be alert enough to get some good pictures in the morning. Husband will have the muffins and coffee made so we will just grab that for breakfast.

I'd like to wish everyone a very happy Holiday Season and hope that the New Year brings lots of wonderful things your way.


faerwillow said…
~brightest blessings to you this holiday eve...i too have always enjoyed this day much anticipation! may you find joy in all that surround you~

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