It's all too much

That's how I'm feeling lately. That it's all too much. I won't go on about all the things that are getting me down but they are piling up lately. So I've decided what I need is some retail therapy. Yes I am going to go spend some money that I don't have on some things that I may not really need. LOL!
Actually I was going to go and buy some Christmas craft things for my daughter and a couple friends to make Christmas gifts for their teachers. I thought maybe some felt stockings that they can decorate and put gift certificates, candies or whatever inside would be fun for them to do. So I need those supplies.
I really need some new clothes. The hoody I wear all winter to stay warm has holes in it and I just got wax all over it. I also spilled wax all over one of the tee shirts I wear all the time. I can get the wax out but it will stain as the shirt is a light color and the wax is a dark green. So I need some more shirts and some kind of a sweater to wear over my shirts to stay warm. In this small town it's difficult to find clothing that is the right size and price.
The moon is full and is one of two this December. The "blue moon" will be at the end of Dec. It's not always clear to see the full moons through the winter. The moon is so incredible tonight that as soon as I get back from picking up my daughter at gymnastics I'm off for a long walk. I'll make it a meditation walk and try to get rid of some of this negative energy that is swamping me lately. Wish me luck.


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