I'm gonna cry!

I'm sitting here as the bathtub hot tap is running full and has been for over 20 minutes. Why, you ask is the tap on full for 20 minutes? Well it's because I can't turn it off and there is no shut off valve behind the taps where there should be. I have no idea what else to do but leave it run. I'm really worried that the hot water tank is going to break because of all the cold water that is going to be coming into it so quickly.

I have my daughter to thank for this disaster. This child has no idea how to turn a tap off. She will start turning it one way all the way and then give it a few more just to make sure it's not off. Well of course it's not off you silly child, the water is running full on! The tap is stripped now. ARG!!!

So here I sit in tears knowing that this is one more thing that we can't afford to fix. My husband is worse than a moron at fixing anything and with my bad back and sore knee I can't kneel down to fix anything like that even if I know what to do. I'm not even sure how one would go about changing the taps. as there is no tap shut off behind the taps. I guess you'd have to shut the water off to the entire house to change the taps. UG!

We have absolutely no money right now. I don't even know how we are going to pay the bills next month and get my daughter a birthday present. I think we are going to have to make her wait for her birthday since she's broken the tap from her own stupidity. I don't see any other way. We either eat or she gets a birthday present.

Right now I just want to torch this stupid house and walk away. Why did I marry someone who can't learn anything new? He's a moron when it comes to fixing anything. He thinks it's okay to have stripped taps and a toilet that barely flushes toilet paper. What type of human being thinks that?!!!

So here's where it stands right now. We have one bathroom. The sink leaks because husband didn't buy the right caulking and it never cured so water drips underneath. He's too dumb/lazy to fix this. The toilet gets plugged up all the time and barely flushes toilet paper. As a matter of fact we've had to wait until the husband gets home to plunge the toilet many times because I've tried to and I just don't have the strength it takes to do it (it must take alot because I went at it one day like a mad woman and it still wouldn't unplug). Now the tap in the tub/shower is stripped. Husband says he's fixed it but what he really means is he's got it so that it will shut off and most likely get stuck another 4 million times. I'm supposed to learn how to take the tap handle off to turn the water off.

If I could ask for anything right now it would be for prayers that I don't snap and run away from home. Either that or a new house where everything is normal and works like it should. I could wish for a wall in my bedroom instead of a sheet, or a closet for my clothes or a bedroom I can stand up in to get changed or a house big enough that we aren't all crammed in like sardines. Believe me being this close all the time doesn't make people like each other better it makes you go insane! So if you have any wishes or prayers to send out for me wish for my sanity and a plumber!


Capital Mom said…
That sounds so rough. I hope the water somehow got shut off.
I wish I could say soemthing more helpful. But I am sending you good wishes!
Karen Sue said…
I hope you had a good cry...and then got up and did something else. My shower to tub handle has been stripped for 10 years. but the others still work...but the water drips...alot when it is shut off. I'd be your daughter trying to shut off the drip. Next week someone is coming here to install a new shower stall with new pipes and handles so the water will not drip always. It's always something. Just try to think of 5 good things a day and it will help.

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