A Green Christmas

It is freezing here! Tonight it's down to -12C. We have had a week of clear sunny weather and if it doesn't snow soon I'm going to become an ice cube. The snow acts as an insulation barrier on the ground and on the roof so it actually keeps things warmer. Now we have the cold we just need some precipitation.
My daughter keeps complaining that we don't have any snow yet and it's almost Christmas. We had a couple light snows that melted fast and then nothing. There is nothing worse than a green Christmas unless you live in Florida or somewhere warm where it's supposed to be green.
Not only do we have a real green Christmas tree but the grass will be still green so it's going to be a very green Christmas unless we get some snow and fast.


Kate said…
I want a white christmas. Am keeping my fingers crossed for London snow. I'm dreaming of a green Christmas just doesn't have the same ring.

Kate x
Kitty Moore said…
I am wishing for a white christmas for you (and us, Kate!)
Jen said…
Well, it wasn't a white Christmas, but we got snow. It's been whacky weather lately. Houston got snow before you did, which is insane!

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