Eat dirt

It's really difficult to be a middle child. I know cause I'm the middle of four with an older sister, younger brother and a youngest sister. They all have their places and got their own attention but I was not allowed to have wants and needs because someone else always came first. I learned very quickly it was best to keep quiet and be invisible. I wouldn't wish that childhood on anyone.

For me it continues with my mother and oldest sister always ganging up on me. Mom will start with a rude comment about something I've said and basically tell me my opinion is wrong and I should be quiet now. It always blows me away when another adult thinks they can talk like this to someone else and not get decked in the face. I'm still not allowed to voice an opinion and when I do first mother dog then her yipping little lap mutt have to start barking.

Sad thing about this is the yippy little lap dog (aka older sister) is in no position to judge anyone. She hasn't had a normal relationship her entire life. She had a baby with a guy she never could get to marry her. This guy was a nut case big time. Then she moved back to her home town and started a relationship with a guy who she lives with now and is an alcoholic. She will freely admit that he's an alcoholic. Funny part about this is that my older sister is a Social Worker! Yes, a person who is paid to help other people can't even get her own life in order. I could say more but there's no point.

Youngest sister, well I've already posted that story and now she's living with her husband in some sort of weird relationship where they share a house but not a bed. Not sure where that messed up situation is going to end.

My brother who is the apple of my mother's eye lives in another country so at least we don't have to deal with his pompous attitude anymore. For some reason he thinks he's the smartest person around and all the rest of us are dumb asses and says as much. This is a guy who barely made it out of high school and has no education to speak of since. He's had numerous jobs and never stays long at any of them cause there's always something wrong with them. His wife likes to stab people in the back and talk smack about them when she is a sweet as pie to their faces. I can't stand people who do that. Act like they are your best friend and then talk all hate behind your back. Why do that? If you don't like someone you don't need to be overly friendly to them or go out of your way to be nice to them. Be civil and avoid them that's enough.

So after a Christmas spent with two messed up sisters and a barking dog of a mother I'm a little worn out and really needing a break from nasty people. Unfortunately for me my In-Laws will arrive tomorrow to act all snotty and rude to me. My husband sits there like nothing but syrup drips off their tongues even when they say are incredibly rude.

Here's a story about my In-Laws. On my 40th birthday my husband had planned a barbecue and invited my family and his and some friends. Well the In-Laws would not come to my party but wanted to come the day after because one of them had a Dr's appointment that day in town. The In-Laws live about about an hour and a half drive from us so it's not a real long drive but they rarely come and visit their grandchildren unless they have an appointment in town. The mother-in-law doesn't know how to drive although she has a drivers license and used to drive she is unable to now but still renews her driver's license. They don't see anything wrong with using our house as a flop house for themselves and inviting themselves anytime it's convenient for them. They can't understand how rude it was to not come to my party and expect to be welcome the day after since they didn't care enough to come and celebrate with their daughter-in-law. I'm always amazed when people don't consider the feelings of others. I've gone out of my way many times to make these people feel welcome but they don't have any manners or any idea of what being considerate entails. I don't go out of my way for them anymore. If they are coming in to town for an appointment and want to stop by to have lunch and I'm busy I tell them that. I don't cancel my plans to be there for them anymore they can eat dirt!

As you can tell I've lost all patience with rude inconsiderate people. I'm not sure I'd have picked my family as family if I had been given the chance. I used to think they were a wonderful family but I'm changing my tune. I'm getting old and cranky and don't care who knows it! And if you get in my way or don't behave properly I'm going to tell you. Why should I put up with your crap anymore? When I say 'you' I mean anyone who ticks me off. So look out or you might get a blast!


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