The Art of Writing a Letter

Do you ever have those moments when things come together? You know like Oprah calls them "ah ha moments." I had one last night. It was only a small one but it made me smile.
I was reading this book called "The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society" by Mary Ann Shaffer and Annie Barrows. It's about a writer after the WW II. It's set up to be a bunch of letters being send back and forth between the characters. There are some short notes sent by telegram too. As I was reading these letters it suddenly occurred to me that these letters reminded me of interactions we have on the Internet today. We can pass quick e-mails or chat online. The only difference is the time between the contact. Even some blogs I read are like letters it's just that you don't address your blog to anyone in particular. E-mails to people are letters but we can send them off and know they arrived in a couple of minutes.
The telegrams in the book were short and witty and reminded me of some chats I've had with people who don't type but try to keep up their ends of the conversation. It's the contact, the interaction and communication between people through the written word that is so similar. We haven't lost the art of the letter at all we've just got rid of the paper and stamps.
I know most of the people who read blogs write one too so I wondered if any of them still write letters on paper and mail them to people. I don't but I do e-mail and chat to connect with family and friends who live far away, heck I even do that with people who live close to me. The communications have stayed the same but the medium has changed. So I think the "Art of Letter Writing" is not dead at all, in fact I think it's alive and thriving on the internet.


Letter writing has developed/moved on like all things develop BUT I have to say I regret that I'll probably never get another traditional love letter like when I was a teenager (only 10 years ago). You won't look back on texts and emails in 10 years. Anyway, nice post - thought provoking.
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