I'm calling the police!

To start off let me tell you about where we live. We live on a street that has two houses that have no one living in them. One house is right next door to us. The people that own the house kept it after the woman's mother died. I guess they just couldn't sell the house. They do keep it up and come into town every month or so and make sure everything is okay. Their house isn't a problem to live next door too.

On the other side of our house is our messy neighbours who I have posted a couple of pictures of what their yard looks like. And right next door to them is another house that no one lives in. It's a pretty strange house because at the back is a really ramshackle old part then there is an add on middle part and a newer end. So three different additions to this house and all of them pretty crappy. Anyway to get on with the story, I noticed that this house had two windows open. Now you don't want an abandoned house with open windows cause that just attracts kids and animals and possible fires. So I asked my husband if he noticed the open windows. He said they had been open for while. Then I asked him if we should call the police or city about it cause most abandoned buildings have to have their windows closed or boarded up. Of course he declined cause he's afraid of the police. Me, not so much.

I decided to just let it pass and in a couple of weeks we saw that the woman who used to live in the house a couple of years ago showed up and took some stuff out of the house and closed the two windows. It's been a few years since anyone has lived there so I was glad to see that she came and closed the windows. Husband thinks that this woman's parents own the house still.

Then last night at around 1am while I was blissfully sleeping my husband said he heard the people across the street having a huge screaming fight. They just moved into this house so we don't know them but they sure know how to leave a bad impression on their new neighbours. He said there was a guy there and a woman and even the daughter were all involved and they were outside the house on the street too. So I of course ask my husband if he called the police. What if someone got hurt or even killed? Plus that little girl over there is only a year older than our daughter and she's outside at 1am screaming too! Poor kid.

Husband does not even think to call the police for a domestic. I explain all about why it's important that these things are reported to the police cause if someone does get hurt or even killed then at least there is some kind of report that this had happened before there. It's not just a one time thing. I can just see us in the news now as the reporter talks to us about the murdered neighbours. "Did you ever see or hear anything from your neighbours?" asks the concerned reporter. "Yes, we heard them fighting on the street one night around 1am shortly after they moved into the house." "And did you phone the police or anything?" asks the reporter. "Um, no.... we didn't think to do that..." husband answers with a light bulb going on in his dim skull that maybe it was important to report these things especially when a child is involved. DUH!!

So now I'll be watching that house like a hawk, ready to call the police at the next screaming match. I should be the neighbourhood watch lady. Or maybe the crazy lady who spies on her neighbours through her curtains at all hours of the day and night. Ya, that one sounds more like me. LOL!


missykimmy said…
I love the part where the reporter interviews your husband haha.

Well I think it's great you're looking out for your neighbours; it really means you're looking out for yourself in a way. I hope you won't have to call the police on your neighbours. That'd be awful. Keep a watch on them, crazy lady LOL.

Kate said…
Sounds dramatic - hope it all sorted out.
Kate xx
Paige said…
I hope your neighbors are doing alright. Its nice that you look out for them.

Sparkless said…
So far no noise from the house. I've been peeking and things are pretty calm there. I've also noticed that the lights are out early there too now. I looked out the window one night when I woke up and had to use the toilet.
Paige I'm glad someone thinks it's nice that their neighbours are looking out for them cause I'm not sure if they would think it's nice or just being snoopy.

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