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Heart Hurt

Being a mom is hard work.  It's hard work physically when they are small and hard work emotionally when they are adults.  It's hard to see your child even if he or she is an adult have their heart hurt.  You can't really help and it reminds you of all the times you've suffered the same.  It just all round hurts.

I know that learning is sometimes about painful experiences and you can't and shouldn't take that away from anyone.  The hard times are sometimes what and when you learn the most from.  You learn resilience, patience and strength from difficult times.  Would you want your child never to learn those important lessons?  Every good parent wants their children to learn and grow and be happy in life.  You can't insulate them from every bump or pain or you take away their chance to grow.

So my heart hurts tonight for my adult child and it sucks.  I know what they will learn from this experience but I wonder what the heck I am learning from this?  I've…