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Life Lurker

Sometimes I come here wanting to write something but can't figure out what to say.    I want to post something witty or interesting or thought provoking but I have no idea what any of those things would be.  So I go back to reading all the blogs I read and enjoying them without writing anything.  I sometimes feel like I have no life.  That my life doesn't really exist unless I can write about it.

I don't have a horrible childhood or extreme personal problems to overcome.  I don't have poor health or lack of food or shelter.  I live in a relatively safe place where I don't fear for my life or property, well most of the time anyway.  I have people around me who love me and will be there for me should I need them. 

I'm not trying to impress anyone or make myself more than I am.  It's like I'm just watching everyone else and doing nothing myself.  So then I think I'll do something and I begin but it doesn't last long and then I'm back to watchi…