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Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there.  And if you aren't a mom then it's not your day.  If you adopted a child then you are a mom and it's your day.  If you lost your mom and this day is difficult for you because you miss her then celebrate your mom by remembering all the good times you had with her.  If you are a gay couple and have children and have or haven't given actual birth to your child/ren but still mother them then it's your day.  If you don't get along with your mom or she is a drug addict or has some other personality problem and you don't want to celebrate her being your mom then don't.  It's not really about anyone else but mom's today and if you are left out because you aren't a mom I'm pretty sure you have a birthday or can make up a day where you celebrate just being you.  I'm not sure why everyone has to get in on a holiday now.  When it's your day to be celebrated you will know and can put up your h…

Goodbye Sweet Cat

My daughter's asthmatic cat has passed away.  It happened a couple of months ago.  I could see him on the sidewalk outside our house on our security camera.  It looked like he had something like maybe a mouse or something, it's so hard to see details at night even with the night vision cameras.  Then he lay down on his side.  I thought this was strange because it was lighting raining and the sidewalk was wet so I got up to go see and he was just laying there on his side with his eyes open.  I picked him up and rushed him into the house and lay him on his blanket on the couch.  My mind was racing on what I should do to save him.  The vets would be closed because it was 8pm.  It would take them time to get to the clinic and if he was not breathing he didn't have time.  I knew there wasn't anything I could do for him so I felt for his heart to see if it was still beating and felt nothing.  I felt for his breathing but felt nothing.
My son had come down because I called fo…