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Unwell and I've Had Enough

I haven't been out of the house in 7 days and am going stir crazy!  The husband managed to catch the flu working during a flu outbreak.  He was also taking prednisone at the time for gout.  Prednisone reduces your immunity so of course he's not aware of that and toddles off to work.  He's been sick for 10 days so far and I'm on day 7.  I actually thought I may be getting better but I can't shake this cough. 
I'm also having another troubling symptom that I'll probably need to see a Dr. about. the skin on my left side of my face is kind of numb.  It started feeling like there was a pimple there when I moved my face it hurt in a certain area.  Now the skin in numb to the touch.  It's probably just rosacea because I've noticed since I've been sick it's been flaring up.  So my face is extra red with little tiny pimples all over.  Yup it's a great look and one I try to cover very unsuccessfully with make-up which I'm horrible at applying …