I love Halloween and all the fun surrounding it. But today I was watching TV and noticed that Unicef was advertising about collecting during Halloween. Now I'm not against giving to charity at all and I'm sure Unicef does wonderful things for people in need I'm against making Halloween about giving to charity. Can't we just have one holiday where it's about the actual holiday? Do we have to piggyback a charity with every holiday? I don't know about you but I'm already giving out free candy at Halloween and I resent having to feel like I "have" to give to Unicef too. If I wanted to give to Unicef I can do it at any time of year. Why don't they make their own Unicef holiday instead of stealing Halloween from the kids?

I know this may seem like a petty beef but it's what I've been thinking about and quite frankly it's bugging me. Our school hands the boxes out to all the kids and although it isn't mandatory to collect for Unicef it sure feels like it when they give each child a box. Instead of having my kids drag those Unicef boxes around I'm going to have them do some extra chores and I'll put a few dollars in the boxes for them to give. They have enough things to carry and take care of while trick'or treating, they don't need a heavy box of money too.

I think there are lots of ways for charities to raise money and not make my kids feel badly when they don't participate. Let's give Halloween back to the kids and leave the fundraising to the adults.

And then there are those people who believe Halloween is an evil Pagan holiday. To those people I say "get your facts straight and try doing some research on Christmas too while you're at it and not from a Christian website either or you'll just be learning more distorted fiction."

Whew! Guess I'm going to get some comments now, but then again maybe not.


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